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Reformed Links

These links to reformed websites are listed alphabetically, and will open in a new browser window. We trust you will find these links edifying, however we are not responsible for the content of external sites.

Banner of Truth Trust
Publishers of reformed and experimental calvinistic books and a monthly magazine. Helpful online articles.
Bible-Sermons Online
Over 1000 online audio sermons preached by our chairman, Rev Maurice Roberts, and other reformed preachers.
Bible League Trust
The Bible League Trust aims to encourage belief in the inspiration and sufficiency of the Word of God; resist the varied attacks made upon Scripture; and promote the reverent study of the Bible.
Blue Banner
Many useful articles to read on the Westminster Standards and reformed topics.
Cambridge Presbyterian Church
Online audio sermons preached by Rev Ian Hamilton, who has spoken at several of our meetings.
Christian Institute
The Christian Institute exists to affirm the universal Lordship of Christ, to challenge humanism, relativism, and other ideologies, to proclaim Biblical truth as relevant to every area of life, and to equip Christians for action.
Emmanuel Church Salisbury
Reformed articles and tape ministry by Rev Malcolm Watts.
The Evangelical Library
Access the growing electronic catalogue of the best Evangelical Christian writings at the Evangelical Library.
Fire and Ice
Puritan and Reformed Writings: “Do not seek for warm fire under cold ice” - Samuel Rutherford
Free Church of Scotland (Continuing)
A Presbyterian Church adhering in its worship and doctrine to the position adopted by the Church of Scotland at the Reformation.
Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland
A mainline descendant of the historic Church of Scotland of the Reformation. Reformed in doctrine, worship and practice.
A Reformed BLOG with the exhortation: “that which ye have already hold fast” Revelation 2:25
James Begg Society
Many excellent articles, lectures and text sermons online. Publishers of reformed books, tracts and a quarterly magazine called “The Presbyterian Standard”.
James Durham Thesis
Exploring the views of James Durham on the Free Offer of the Gospel - A MUST READ!
Loughbrickland Reformed Presbyterian Church
Reformed articles and tape ministry by Rev David Silversides, who has spoken for the Society.
Monergism refers to regeneration being the work of the Holy Spirit alone, without the co-operation of man, who is dead in sins before God grants him spiritual life. The Monergism website is a directory of links to reformed articles and information from various internet sites.
A Puritan’s Mind
Many helpful articles on Puritan history, worship and theology.
Puritanism Today
An excellent BLOG presenting the Biblical principles and doctrines of the Puritans, and applying them to today’s Britain.
Robert Murray M‘Cheyne
Information about Robert Murray M‘Cheyne and several of his sermons, together with links to sermons by M‘Cheyne on other websites.
Scottish Preachers’ Hall of Fame
Information on many Reformed Scottish preachers from the past, with examples of their sermons.
Scottish Reformation Society
The Scottish Reformation Society official website for the national society.
(New website launched in September 2009)
Scottish Reformation Society - Aberdeen Branch
Exists to maintain and advance the principles of the Scottish Reformation.
Scottish Reformation Society - Lewis Branch
The Lewis Branch was formed in 2006 and is determined to promote the great Biblical principles of the Reformation within the Isle of Lewis and beyond.
Trinitarian Bible Society
Founded in 1831 for the circulation of Protestant or uncorrupted versions of the Word of God.
Westminster Conference
An annual conference for Theological and Historical Study, with special reference to the Puritans.
Westminster Presbyterian
Classical Reformed Archives on the Westminster Standards, the Doctrines of Grace, Worship, Church Principles, and the Godly Life.
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